Is Your Anxiety Harming Your Relationships?

I read this amazing article on the blog Wit & Delight today, written by Jackie Saffert. It made me reflect on my past relationships and how I reacted to the failure of those relationships. Jackie Saffert writes about her own relationships and personal issues with anxiety, It wasn’t until a week later that I understood… Continue reading Is Your Anxiety Harming Your Relationships?

10 Self-Help Books to Help with Your New Year’s Resolutions

The book market is inundated with so many self-help books these days that it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth reading. In the spirit of all the New Year's resolutions being made this week, here are ten of the best to help you make 2019 your best year yet! You Are… Continue reading 10 Self-Help Books to Help with Your New Year’s Resolutions

20 Self-Reflective Journal Prompts for 2019

January is a perfect time to set new intentions and focus on your goals for the rest of the year. I've always found that doing a beginning-of-the-year journal entry helps me lay out my plans for the coming year. Here are twenty journal prompts to help you set your intentions for 2019. Where do you… Continue reading 20 Self-Reflective Journal Prompts for 2019