My Love/Hate Relationship with Audiobooks

Until recently, I only read physical books or ebooks. The few times I'd attempted to listen to audiobooks were disastrous, and within a few chapters I'd give up on it entirely. It baffled me a bit - after all, I love podcasts and audiobooks aren't that different. For whatever reason, however, I found that I… Continue reading My Love/Hate Relationship with Audiobooks

How to Read Great Books Without Spending Your Entire Paycheck

Here's a basic truth that all readers know: books are expensive. With single books costing between $15-$20, sometimes more, catching up on your favorite series can be a pricey endeavor. Goodness knows I spend far too much on books, to the point where my boyfriend has to frequently remind me that we have bills to… Continue reading How to Read Great Books Without Spending Your Entire Paycheck