Do I Have That Book? Challenge

I first came across this book tag after watching Hannah and Hailey's Booktube channels. The Challenge was originally created by Tabby at the YouTube channel Keeping Tabs. As you know, I don't have a YouTube channel (yet), so we'll do this the blogger way. Let's get right into it. 1. Do you have a book… Continue reading Do I Have That Book? Challenge

An Update on the #readtheworld Challenge

At the beginning of the month, I announced the Read The World Challenge, where each month I would pick a different country and read books in translation from that country or non-fiction books about that country. In November, I chose China, and there were some great posts. See the November Wrap-Up for more info on… Continue reading An Update on the #readtheworld Challenge

GUEST POST: 7 Chinese Books in the Last 70 Years from Meonicorn

For the #readtheworldchina challenge, the amazing Meonicorn of The Bookish Land has written a guest post about 7 Chinese Books of the past 70 years. I love Meonicorn's blog and Youtube channel, so definitely go check her out for some amazing content and book recommendations.  The Bookish Land YouTube Twitter Instagram 7 Chinese Books in… Continue reading GUEST POST: 7 Chinese Books in the Last 70 Years from Meonicorn

Read the World Challenge: China

I've been looking for a massive reading challenge to undertake. A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to read a book from every country, which in itself is pretty daunting, as there are 195 officially recognized countries in the world. I'm taking it a little further though. One of the personality traits that… Continue reading Read the World Challenge: China