November 2019 Wrap-Up

It's hard to believe that November has already come and gone. I know that everyone says this, but it really does feel as though 2019 is flying by. This past month, my reading was pretty disorganized. I struggled with depression and anxiety more than I have been recently, and as a result, I missed a lot of… Continue reading November 2019 Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up

September was a difficult month for me. My anxiety and depression have been much worse than usual due to a lot of financial and life-related stress. My boyfriend and I just found out that we have to move to a new unit in our apartment complex at the end of September due to renovations, which… Continue reading September Wrap-Up

November 2018 Wrap-Up

November was a bit of a stressful month for me. As I mentioned in a post at the beginning of the month, the anxiety and depression medication I was on was making things significantly worse and I was really struggling with staying motivated and positive. Fortunately, I'm currently on a different type of medicine and… Continue reading November 2018 Wrap-Up