My Love/Hate Relationship with Audiobooks

Until recently, I only read physical books or ebooks. The few times I'd attempted to listen to audiobooks were disastrous, and within a few chapters I'd give up on it entirely. It baffled me a bit - after all, I love podcasts and audiobooks aren't that different. For whatever reason, however, I found that I… Continue reading My Love/Hate Relationship with Audiobooks

Chloe: Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites is a new weekly feature that asks readers to share their favorite books. If you would like to contribute just shoot me a message! Tell us a bit about yourself! My first love is knitting! Above anything else, I love the tranquility and meditative peace it brings me, and also having something I created to… Continue reading Chloe: Friday Favorites

Print Books vs Ebooks – My Perspective

The most common debate in the bookish community seems to be print books versus digital books. Everyone has a strong opinion one way or the other, even if they use both methods of reading. Earlier today, I read an article from Lifehacker entitled, "You Don't Own the Music, Movies, or Ebooks You 'Buy' on Amazon or… Continue reading Print Books vs Ebooks – My Perspective