Aconyte Books’ Partnership with Marvel

Asmodee's new sci-fi imprint Aconyte recently announced a partnership with Marvel to release novels based on the Marvel universe in Autumn of 2020. The Marvel universe is full of fascinating characters, and I'm eager to see what they end up releasing. Fortunately, we do get a bit of a hint from Aconyte's publisher Marc Gascoigne:… Continue reading Aconyte Books’ Partnership with Marvel

Book Drama: Nora Roberts & Tomi Adeyemi

It seems as though there's so much drama happening in the book community lately. I wanted to take a moment to talk about the latest, involving the author of one of my favorite books of 2018: Tomi Adeyemi, author of¬†Children of Blood and Bone,¬†and Nora Roberts, a prolific and well-known author that you've probably heard… Continue reading Book Drama: Nora Roberts & Tomi Adeyemi

Sunday Links – September 30, 2018

Literature So You Want to Read American Gothic? Here's Where to Start - Unbound Worlds Weird and Weirder: An Interview with Jeff Vandermeer - BookRiot Dystopia is Realism: The Future is Here If You Look Closely - Literary Hub 21 Best Books on Prisons, Incarceration, and the Justice System - Signature Reads A Guide to… Continue reading Sunday Links – September 30, 2018