Bookish Merch to Add to Your Wishlist

There's one thing I loveĀ almostĀ as much as books: bookish merch. Whether it's a product with a favorite quote, gorgeous fandom-inspired art, or just a scarf with a bunch of books on it - I want it. Here are some adorable bookish products available on Amazon right now. I am an Amazon Affiliate, which means that… Continue reading Bookish Merch to Add to Your Wishlist

10 Fun Adult Coloring Books You Need To See

Coloring books aren't just for children. Sitting down to relax and color can reduce your anxiety and practice mindfulness. I usually color while I'm listening to audiobooks, and it's become a favorite past time of mine. There are so many amazing coloring books out there, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites.… Continue reading 10 Fun Adult Coloring Books You Need To See