This Week in Books

A collection of book news, links, reviews, and more. Please note that in sharing the following links I am not necessarily endorsing the opinions presented therein.

Sanjena Sathian writes for The Drift about the role of novels written by Indian-American authors such as Jhumpa Lahiri that always portray their cultures as “good”. From the article: “Blame falls not on Lahiri herself, nor on the inheritors of her style, but on a publishing ecosystem that elevates a single aesthetic above others and sometimes markets minority authors as cultural tour guides.” It’s a fairly long article, but an interesting one if you’ve got the time.

The Harlequin book blog, Harlequin Ever After, put together a list of 10 Amazing Fashion Finds for Book Lovers. I’m particularly in love with the book dress from Joanie Clothing!

YA author J.M. Buckler launched her new platform via her blog this past week. Buckler has been in the news lately following a bit of Bookstagram drama. She decided to leave social media due to bullying, and now she’s uploading three videos a week.

I really enjoyed Captured in Words‘ video on nature-based fantasy books to read in spring. I’m a mood reader and tend to read with the seasons, and Jay recommends some really solid books.

Over at Interesting Literature, Dr. Oliver Tearle breaks down a famous Shakespeare quote from Romeo & Juliet. I learned quite a bit from this article, including that Shakespeare’s audience wouldn’t have been familiar with the now famous balcony scene.

Doctor Who and Good Omens actor David Tennant has been cast as a voice actor in an adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s children’s book, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.

Adrian at Stripped Cover Lit put together a 17-minute video over the first paragraph of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

In Other News

Eaglemoss is going to be launching a Star Trek Borg-themed advent calendar for the holidays this year. I’m 100% in.

Did I miss anything? Got a link of your own? Share it in the comments below!

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