Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation2, Vol. 1 & 2 by Scott Tipton & David Tipton – A Review

Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation2, Vol 1 & 2 by Scott Tipton and David Tipton
Science Fiction | Graphic Novel
Published by IDW Publishing
Released in 2012/2013
Goodreads | Amazon
Rating: 5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars

The first time I came across these two graphic novels while browsing at my local library, I had to stop myself from screaming with excitement. Most of you who have been reading this blog for over a month already know that I’m a huge Trekkie and am completely obsessed with everything Star Trek related. However, I’m also a huge Doctor Who fan. Naturally, I was stoked to read a cross-over comic with characters from both series.

On the Star Trek side of things, we’re with the crew of The Next Generation series. The Doctor who they end up meeting is the Eleventh Doctor, along with his companions Amy and Rory.

The Doctor and his TARDIS are pulled into a parallel universe, where they land on the USS Enterprise, surprising Captain Picard and his crew. They don’t have much time to investigate, however, as the Enterprise is hailed to assist a colony against a Borg attack.

The Borg have new allies, though. The Doctor is shocked when he finds that the Borg has formed an alliance with the Cybermen of his own universe. Both races are obsessed with technology and the deletion of individuality, so they definitely have similarities.

From that point on, the crews of the Enterprise and TARDIS work together to stop the Cybermen from taking over the universe.

I really, really enjoyed these two graphic novels that make up this duology. The story was one that fit in well with the atmosphere of both series, and it was a lot of fun to see the logic of Star Trek combined with the whimsy of Doctor Who.

While the art was far from my favorite, it was good enough to not be a distraction from the story. There’s not much else that I can say about the art, as it really is just fine.

star trek doctor who 3.jpg

My only real gripe with the series is that the fact that the Doctor crossed into a parallel universe and suddenly found himself full of new memories was passed over rather quickly. There’s not a lot of space for expansion on world-building in comic books, but I believe that the story would have made more sense if they had spent even just one more page on this.

This is probably a personal preference, but I wish that we had seen more of Guinan. I’ve always been intrigued by her character, and there were moments between the Doctor and Guinan and their shared ability to feel changes to the universe’s timeline that would have been nice to see more of.

star trek doctor who 4.jpg

If you’re like me and you love both Star Trek and Doctor Who, do yourself a huge favor and find these graphic novels. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Which Star Trek and Doctor Who characters would you like to see team up? Let me know in the comments!

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