September Wrap-Up


September was a difficult month for me. My anxiety and depression have been much worse than usual due to a lot of financial and life-related stress. My boyfriend and I just found out that we have to move to a new unit in our apartment complex at the end of September due to renovations, which we were completely unaware of. Also, my real job is starting to make me so stressed that I become physically ill when I’m there, or, more recently, when I even think about the place. I’m planning on getting started with freelance writing 3 days a week starting in November, so hopefully, that’ll go well. My goal is to work from home doing freelancing and blogging full-time.

In music news, I’ve been listening to the Twin Peaks soundtrack on repeat. I loved the TV show (still haven’t seen the new series though) and I love the weird, lightly jazzy, dark music that accompanied it. I’ve also discovered Viking/Norse-inspired music and have become pretty obsessed with that.

I’m excited that it’s finally autumn, but here in the mid-Atlantic, if doesn’t feel like it quite yet. It’s been in the 90s this week, but hopefully, it’ll cool down soon so I can start wearing sweaters again.

Finally, onto the books! In September, I reviewed 11 books. 3 of them were 4 stars or above. So, not the best reading month.

Here’s what I read:

5 Stars

4 Stars

  • The Editor by Steven Rowley – I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this novel when I started it, but it really surprised me. This book is about a writer resolving things with his family while working with a very renowned editor – Jackie Kennedy Onassis.
  • The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins – While this book was definitely hard to read at times due to the subject matter, it was absolutely worth it. I also can’t believe this is Sara Collins’ debut – it reads like something put out by a very seasoned writer!

3 Stars

2 Stars

  • Deadpool vs Carnage by Cullen Bunn – I seem to have the absolute worse luck finding Deadpool comics that I actually enjoy. The writing of this collection was what turned me off.
  • Storm by Eric Jerome Dickey – I rated this two stars, but I sort of wish I’d given it 1.5. However, I don’t change the ratings on reviews after the fact. Storm is one of the X-Men’s most popular characters, but this collection is godawful. Please don’t read it.
  • Again, but Better by Christine Riccio – While I’ll admit that I enjoyed this book in a guilty pleasure sort of way, it wasn’t good. Most of Riccio’s debut novel was cringy, and it’s obvious that she based the main character on herself.

1 Star

  • NONE! Thank goodness!

I didn’t write as many articles or reading recommendations posts as I would have liked, but here’s what went up on the blog in September.

I also had a couple of updates for the America…in Books feature, including books set in Florida and Georgia.

I also had the opportunity to share a guest post from author D. Ellis Overttun, author of the Terra Nova series. I always love working with other bloggers and authors, so if you’re interested in doing a guest post or an interview for the blog’s Friday Favorites feature, send me a message!

Share any links of your own in the comments! What did you read in September?

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