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I’m not sure what I want to talk about here this week. This past week has been a mental struggle for me. The thing that drives me crazy about being bipolar and that has driven me nuts long before my diagnosis, is the inconsistencies of my mood. It’s exhausting to wake up and not know if you’re going to be super motivated and productive that day, or so depressed that you can barely get out of bed. I’m constantly thankful for the support I have from friends and co-workers though.

Since Ian and I are moving at the end of the month (same city, just new place), I’m slowly starting to organize, purge, and pack. I hate moving (who doesn’t?), but I love unpacking. I always start packing way before moving day, and by the time I get around to unpacking everything, it’s almost like opening presents because I’ve forgotten where everything is.

I hope all of y’all have had a good week, and are doing something fun this weekend! Let me know in the comments what you’re currently reading!

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Things I Love

  • After we finished watching Star Trek: Discovery, Ian got to pick the next show we watch, and he chose AMC’s Into the Badlands. I’d never heard of it before, but holy shit, it’s incredible. It’s post-apocalyptic, has martial arts and sword fighting, a cacophony of styles and cultures, and lots of gore. It’s exactly the sort of television show that I’d like. I’m upset there are only three seasons though.
  • I desperately want this crystal dragon artwork to hang on my wall from artist Katie O’Neill. All of StrangelyKatie’s art is amazing. If it looks familiar to you, she’s the artist behind The Tea Dragon Society.
  • The region of the mid-Atlantic where I live is miserably hot for 70% of the year (one of the reasons Ian and I are looking to move far, far north), but one of the few things that makes it a little better are the spring and summertime thunderstorms. I missed thunderstorms when I lived in Asheville, NC because we rarely got them. I’ve always loved thunderstorms, and there are few things better than watching lighting over the ocean.

    Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

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1 thought on “Friday Wrap-Up”

  1. I think I know how you feel, though I have not been similarly diagnosed. I think my own waves run anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. The down phases really suck, but there’s nothing better than that feeling of coming out of one. It’s like sunshine breaking through the clouds, or finally breathing fresh air after being trapped in a dusty cave. I always hope it lasts but never know how long it actually will. The uncontrollable roller coaster aspect of it can be pretty exhausting. Good luck with the move!

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