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If you noticed that I didn’t post too much this week, I really apologize for that. Despite finally being on medication for bipolar disorder, this week my moods have been all over the place, and my anxiety has been super high. My job is really stressful and I had a hard time dealing with it the past few days.

I’ve decided to only post Monday through Fridays now, to give myself time to rest. I realized that trying to post 2+ articles every single day was a bit much for me, so having a weekend off from posting will give me more time to write better quality articles.

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(A bit long since I forgot my wrap-up last week)

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2 thoughts on “Friday Wrap-up”

  1. Hey there, never need to apologize for anything! Post what you want, when you want, and only because you love to. Enjoy the weekends! We all should.

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