10 Perfect Bookmarks to Save Your Page

I’m obsessed with bookmarks. I end up buying a new one pretty much any time I buy a book in a physical store rather than online. I keep them in a coffee mug on my bookshelf.

Here are some of my favorite bookmarks right now.

Magnetic Sloth Bookmarks


I love magnetic bookmarks. I have some that are multicolored and have cats on them, and I use them frequently. They’re less likely to fall out than a normal bookmark.

Book Darts


Like magnetic bookmarks, book darts will hold your place discretely and aren’t likely to fall out.

Leather Bookmarks


Leather bookmarks probably aren’t something I would use personally, but I know there are a lot of people that would absolutely adore these.

Wooden Bookmarks


While these high-quality wooden bookmarks might be a bit more expensive than the $3 ones you’ll find by the counter at your bookstore, they are absolutely worth the investment. They’re gorgeous and come in a lovely box.

Metal Flower Bookmarks


I think these are so pretty. You get all six bookmarks for a price that seems too low to be true. I’m especially a fan of the pink one!


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