April TBR & Plans

April TBR & Plans

I have big reading plans for April. I want to finish thirty books this month, several of which are graphic novels or poetry collections that I want to get to. For funsies, I set myself a ridiculously high Goodreads yearly goal of 225 books, and I fully intend to reach it. I got a bit off track in March due to getting sick for over a week, but now that I’m well again, it’s time to start reading fiendishly again!

This TBR isn’t everything I want to read in April, but these books are ones that I definitely want to get to. For the rest of what I read this month, I’m going to choose based on my mood at the time.

Currently Reading

I’m currently reading three books that I started in March and will be finishing this month:

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, and as such, it’ll be a great opportunity to explore a genre I’m not very familiar with. Here are the poetry collections I’d like to read this month:

Comics & Graphic Novels

I also have a few graphic novels and comic book series I want to read or re-read:


Then, of course, we have the novels:

What books are you planning on reading in April?

5 thoughts on “April TBR & Plans”

  1. I loooove Saga!! I was just thinking of buying the collection but decided to wait. I got Rat Queens instead, because I too have been in a graphic novel mood. Also super looking forward to your review on Becoming! ❤

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