Best Variant Comic Book Covers This Week

One of my favorite parts of comic book collecting is seeking out the variant covers of my favorite issues. For those of you who are either not familiar with or new to the comic book world, variant covers are essentially special or limited edition covers.

These are the best for the week of December 12, 2018.

Defenders Doctor Strange #1

Art by Christian Ward

This is 100% my favorite for this week, and as much as I’m trying to talk myself out of buying it when I get paid Friday, I have a strong suspicion it’s going to end up in my collection. I’ve mentioned before that Christian Ward is my favorite comic book artist, and this cover would look perfect among my other Doctor Strange covers.


Head Lopper #10

Art by Jeanne D’Angelo


Black Hammer Cthu-Louise

Art by Jill Thompson


Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider #3

Art by Carlos Pacheco


Wonder Woman Vol 5 #60

Art by Jenny Frison


Quantum Age From the World of Black Hammer #5

Art by Tula Lotay



Flash Vol 5 #60

Art by Derrick Chew


Bitter Root #2

Art by Bill Sienkiewicz


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