October TBR

It’s finally October! I love this month so much. Pumpkin everything, the leaves changing color, spooky stuff everywhere, cooler weather… there’s just so much to love. The fall is a time when I always feel rejuvenated and at my happiest.

Since it’s the first day of the month, that means it’s time to put together my TBR list for the month. I doubt I’m going to be able to get through everything on the list, but I am certainly going to try! I also have a habit of picking up books on a whim, so expect this list to change a little.

Currently Reading:

Want to Read:

And then also, a healthy dose of Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

What are you planning on reading this month?

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2 thoughts on “October TBR”

  1. Great TBR! I still have to read The Road! I read a non-fiction book that I really enjoyed in September. It was called “We Can Do It: A Community Takes on the Challenge of School Desegregation” and it was written by Michael Gengler. It is all about the desegregation of schools in Gainesville, Florida that happened in the 50’s and 60’s after it was deemed unconstitutional in 1954. Even after that it took so much to make it happen and the community had to face a lot of opposition, but it is very inspiring hearing how the community came together to make this happen. Reading the accounts of former students was a great perspective on the situation. You can find out more about it here: http://www.wecandoitbook.com or on the author’s site: http://www.michaelgengler.com .


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